Supporting higher education in Argentina, one student at a time.
Apoyando la educación superior en Argentina, un estudiante a la vez.

Sponsor a student

By far the most rewarding way to donate to the Foundation is to sponsor a scholar through his or her full five years of college. Your donation will support a deserving young person whose progress you can follow through college and on to graduation.


VISIONAR’s own success resides in the generous involvement of its volunteers. Individuals can assist VISIONAR in multiple ways. For more information, please contact us at

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VISIONAR's mission is to provide scholarships and mentoring to economically disadvantaged college students in Argentina who demonstrate academic excellence and leadership potential.


Letter from the founder: “VISIONAR was founded on a passionate belief in education as a means to reach one’s goals and life fulfillment. The value of an education was instilled in me early on by my parents, who led by example and encouraged me to reach my potential. Later, my commitment to education was reinforced and rewarded by generous mentors who supported me during college and beyond. This personal experience has led me to create a program to give others the opportunities that I was fortunate to have, by helping young Argentines get an education and succeed.”


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