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PostHeaderIcon Karen Tatiana Centurión

Karen has enrolled in a Human Resources program at Institución Cervantes. Karen graduated high school from Escuela Normal Dr Nicolas Avellaneda with honors.

Besides going to school, Karen loves to help others in need. Currently she is supporting a chronically ill, disabled, lady in her community that has no means to pay for nursing assistance at home. Karen is a great caregiver. She helps her friend to move around and to accomplish simple everyday tasks, as well as providing moral support and company.

Karen lives in San Francisco with her mother and with sister Nadia and brother Oscar.

University:                  Institución Cervantes
Degree:                      Licenciatura en Recursos Humanos
Duration:                    3 years

Location:                   San Francisco, Cordoba


Hello! I am Karen Tatiana Centurion. I live in San Francisco, Cordoba (Argentina) with my Mom Mercedes and my brother Oscar. I am 20 years old and I am attending my senior year of Human Resources at Cervantes Institute.

The truth is that I was going to study Nutrition, but the year I was going to start college, the Nutrition program in San Francisco was cancelled. I did not have enough money to move to another city. I heard about the Human Resources program through a friend. I felt it was not my passion, but I signed up and gradually I started getting into it. I met a nice group of people that helped me stay motivated: we got together on study groups and projects, we became friends and had fun together. But my real motivation came from VISIONAR, because this organization is doing everything to support us (the scholarship recipients), to help us get an education and have a career in the future. VISIONAR never lets us down, their volunteers are there for us, cheering for us, telling us that if we fall, we just have to get up, dust off, and keep going. It is like a family, always caring, always making sure we are on the right track.

Once I get my college degree, I will continue working toward my dream, that is to study Nutrition. With my Human Resources degree, I will be able to move to Cordoba city, get a job, and support myself while going to Nutritionist school.

As far as community service, I help an elderly friend of the family, 87-yr-old Nono (“grandpa”) with house chores. What I learn from this experience is Nono’s zest for life. Nono enjoys watching cooking shows on TV and trying those recipes by cooking for us! Despite his age, Nono is in good health. He likes to sweep the sidewalk (that is the only task he will not let me do for him), and he enjoys going out for a drive in his car. Nono has a great sense of humor, too.

I would love to see more people join VISIONAR to give other students the opportunity to get a college education. What might be a small contribution makes a huge difference in the lives of students that dream to become professionals in the future.

I want to thank VISIONAR and Atrapasueños Association for believing in us and helping us succeed. Especially, I want to thank Mr. Fernando Gras, whose generous donations have made it possible for me to study, since my family could not afford to put me through school.

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