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Emiliano received a full VISIONAR scholarship and is currently attending a 5-year program at the UTN (Universidad Tecnológica Nacional), in San Francisco, Argentina, to become a computer engineer.

Emiliano has received recognition from the Dean of UTN for his dedication and his academic achievements, and he is among the top students in his class, with a GPA of 7.22 /10.


University:        Universidad Tecnologica Nacional
Degree:            Information Tecnology Engineer
Duration:          5 years
Location:          San Francisco, Cordoba


My name is Emiliano Gudino, and I am 22 years old. I live in San Francisco, Argentina, where I study Computer engineering at the Universidad Tecnologica Nacional.

During my last year of high school I looked into the different career options and quickly decided to study computer engineering. It is a dynamic field with lots of possibilities for an exciting career. Besides, this type of work never gets boring! This is a field with constant technological advances, so I am always learning something new.

My immediate goal is to get my degree in a timely manner. From there I will analyze my situation and decide whether to start working or to go on to a post graduate degree. My goal as a professional is to continue learning every day.

Community service (VISIONAR requirement): This year I led a campaign to collect school supply donations in my hometown (along with the other VISIONAR students). In addition, Atrapasuenos organized seminars to raise funds for additional scholarships and I am volunteering as part of the staff for each event.

Since 2007, thanks to VISIONAR, I believe there is a better world out there. It is wonderful to have the support of people who want to help us reach our dreams. Thanks to everyone at VISIONAR!

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