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Maria Angela is a first generation college student; she was an A student in high school and continues to get excellent grades in college. Her goal is to become a certified public accountant and open her own practice.

Besides academics, Angela enjoys playing volleyball and swimming.  She also loves to read fiction, and to spend time browsing books in the library.

University:         UCES - Universidad de Ciencias Empresariales y Sociales
Degree:               Certified Public Accountant
Duration:             4 years

Location:             San Francisco, Córdoba

Hello, my name is Maria Angela Contreras, I am 19 years old and I live in San Francisco (Argentina) with my parents Isabel and Ernesto and my two sisters Luciana and Micaela. I am enrolled in a Public Accounting program at Universidad de Ciencias Empresariales y Sociales UCES, which was made possible thanks to a VISIONAR scholarship.

I chose Accounting as a major because I have always liked economics, mathematics, and business. The business administration classes I took in high school helped me realize this is the career I want in my future.

My main objective is to do well in school, with dedication and hard work, so that I can get to my goal: to have a university degree. I want to be an accountant and to be able to work independently. Although it is not easy to plan so far ahead, life has already taught me that nothing is impossible if one works hard and has clear objectives.

The beautiful group of  VISIONAR scholars does community service activities to give back the help that is generously given to us. I volunteer with Atrapasueños Association every time they organize an event: fundraising, collecting school supplies, school events, etc. They (VISIONAR volunteers at Atrapasueños) help us, and in turn we help them. It is gratifying to fulfill our academic requirements, and also contribute to VISIONAR's cause. I love to be part of VISIONAR and to try to help in any way possible.

I would like to highlight how happy I am to be studying what I love, to learn something new every day, and to be part of this project that is so important to me and my fellow students. I also want to highlight how important it is to have the support of those individuals and companies that are helping us with donations so that we can afford to go to school. We appreciate all the people that help us generously and without asking for anything in return. Thanks to all of them, Gabriela Mondino, Sandra Cravero, Marcelo Lanzarotti, that are working for us from the distance, although we feel they are close. Thanks to Graciela Asis, that manages the VISIONAR program here in San Francisco (Argentina). Thanks to the corporations that are interested in helping. Thanks to the whole VISIONAR group!


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