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 Gaston's parents are employees at a farm outside the town of San Francisco, so from an early age Gaston has taken a liking to tending crops and raising cattle.Following this passion, Gaston is attending a college program to obtain a degree in Agronomy.

Gastón shared with us: “My dream to become an agronomic engineer is now much more achievable (with VISIONAR’s help)”.

An edyfying experience for Gastón has been to live away from the farm, and to live by himself since high school, in order to attend school in the city. Gastón admits that becoming self sufficient at an early age requires a considerable sacrifice and effort, but that it is all worth it in the end.

Gastón hobbies include listening to folk music and playing voleyball. He was voted "Best Classmate" in high school for his natural disposition to help his peers.


University:    ESIL (Escuela Superior Integral de Lecheria)
Degree:       Agronomy
Duration:     6 years
Location:     San Francisco, Córdoba, Argentina


Hi, my name is Gastón Alberto Madera. I grew up with my parents on a farm where they are rural workers. My parents worked very hard to support the family while I studied in nearby town of Devoto (Argentina). However, in order to continue with high school,  at the age of 14 I moved by myself to San Francisco (Argentina) and enrolled in I.P.E.M. Nº222 Américo A. Milani, because that school has a program on agriculture. I am thankful for the experiences I had in that school, because it helped me decide to go on to study Agronomy in college. 

Currently I attend college thanks to VISIONAR's help. Without the scholarship, I would be working instead of going to school. Thank you, VISIONAR, for considering my achievements!

I hear there are lots of career opportunities with this college degree in Agronomy. I would like to specialize in agrochemicals in order to consult with producers on a wide range of crops.

As far as community service, I am helping VISIONAR to find donors so that other students can receive scholarships. I also volunteer at a retirement home. In addition, I enjoy tutoring other students who are struggling. I just like to put in practice my sense of solidarity.  These experiences teach me a lot: I learn to help those in need, I learn from the retirement home residents (who have lots of interesting stories based on their life experience), and I learn to give back some of the help I am getting.

An education is the best gift parents can give their children.  My parents work hard to make sure I can go to school. Being a VISIONAR scholar inspires me, and gives me two major areas of responsibility: one is to meet the program requirements, and the other one, is to work hard studying what I love. And I am open to the possibility to continue my experience some day in the United States.

Thanks to the VISIONAR team for all your help!


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